Choosing the land 

Choosing the land is a key component in the cycle – one must analyze the land – its type, the climate in the region and the planned yield and many other factors prior to beginning an agricultural endeavor. 

Building a business plan 

FKP realizes that using the best and most cutting edge advancements in the field does not come easily. It is both expensive and risky. FKP offers assistance in planning such projects. From financing, to agronomic analysis, all the way to helping plan a multiyear economic plan, FKP offers a wide array of solutions to farmers, big and small.  We will evaluate the market for you and help you decide what strategy is the best for you answering the key questions – what should you grow? How should you grow it? What technology will best suit you? And finally – who will buy this?

Project design and development

FKP will assist with the actual plan of your farm – be it open field, tunnels, greenhouses, hydroponic or vertical growing – we will specially tailor the solution for you. 

Packing and distribution

One of the greatest fears of the farmer is what will he do with his crop come harvest time – have no fear! FKP can assist in picking the correct packaging for your crop to increase its shelf life and its value. In addition, it offers distribution services to large corporate companies inside and outside Iran.