About FKP Group

FKP was founded in Tehran, Iran, in 2015 by Shahab Jansepar, an international professional with decades of experience in the field of farm and dairy industry.

FKP and its experienced team hold two goals dear to their heart – Water solutions, and cutting edge modern agriculture cultivation.

FKP aims to maximize profits for farmers from small to large farms using modern cutting edge technologies.

FKP is also a land owner and grows its own produce using open field cultivation alongside greenhouse protected horticulture and hydroponic growing.

We operate while collaborating with farmers in the region and all around the world, aiming to keep up to date on the latest methods and technological instruments.

Alongside financial success, FKP has set the national and regional success as a goal as well. FKP wishes to teach the latest methods and techniques of agriculture to anyone who would be so inclined.