Cutting edge cultivation


We at FKP believe that the final product served to your dinner table, should be the best. The produce we grow is made from the best seeds in the market, free of any contamination and as healthy and tasty as it gets!

Open field computerized drip irrigation and farming

The scientific advances in the world of agriculture over the past years have been enormous. We encourage you to inquire with us about ways to improve your yield by digitally monitoring your fields and their water consumption.

Protected horticulture

Protecting your crops from the elements of nature and creating the right climate and light conditions are proven methods of increasing yield and return.

Come see our state of the art greenhouses, built from the best materials and equipped with heating and cooling systems and many more fixtures that can make your produce the best in the market. From artificial lighting, to patented hydroponic growing systems. We will plan your greenhouse meticulously to every inch to maximize your profit.